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Ousman Surur Ousman
Effectiveness of agricultural development training program: the cases of teff and livestock farmers of Alaba Woreda southern Ethiopia
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Description " The resultsof the study revealed that: the gaps between the contents of the trainings and the identified needs of farmers were very wide because of lack of participatory need assessment.
Training plan is based on quota from above; expected changes in performances are not
indicated in the objectives, thus they are vague, incompatible and difficult to measure.
Topics are very general and shallow, not thoroughly touching the prior needs of the
farmers. Mostly, the training mix is more of theory and few practical, non interactive long
lecture (talk) being one of the most commonly used methods. The urgency of trainings
makes selection of participants "urgent" and creates unfair nomination, which is also
affected by ‘informal’ criteria (personal relations and political outlook) and gender
related biases"
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Thesis MSc in Agriculture, Haramaya University, 2007
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Subject Poultry farmers
Rural development
Subject Agricultural Development
Southern Ethiopia
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Faculty of Agriculture, Haramaya University
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