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Rahmeto Negash
Determinants of adoption of improved haricot bean production package in Alba special woreda, southern Ethiopia.
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Description "Haricot bean is considered as the main cash crop and protein source of the farmers in many
low lands and mid altitude zones of Ethiopia. The country’s export earning from haricot bean
exceeds that of other pulses such as lentils, horse bean and chickpea. Low production and
productivity, which are mainly associated with poor adoption of improved technologies and
poor marketing system, were among the major problems. Adoption of improved technologies
is one of the most promising ways to reduce food insecurity in Ethiopia. However, the
adoption and dissemination of these technologies is constrained by various factors. To this
end, the aim of this study was to empirically examine factors affecting adoption and intensity
of adoption of improved haricot bean production package in the study area".
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Thesis MSc in Agriculture, Haramaya University, 2007
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Subject Haricot bean
Cash crops
Subject Southern Ethiopia
Agricultural Development
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Faculty of Agriculture, Haramaya University
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