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Demeke Tilahun
Performance of coffee marketing co-operatives and members' satisfaction in Dale district, southern Ethiopia
Agriculture (Agricultural Marketing) by Demeke Tilahun
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Description "This study therefore, aims at
assessing the performance of primary coffee marketing cooperatives and thereby to identify
factors that impede members’ satisfaction. To evaluate the performance of coffee marketing
cooperatives in the study area, financial ratios was computed based on annual audit reports
of the cooperatives. Here, efficiency ratios, income ratios and creditworthiness ratios were
calculated as performance indicators. As a result, almost all the coffee marketing
cooperatives in the study area were performing their business inefficiently. Probit regression
model was also employed to identify factors influencing the members’ satisfaction taking the
overall cooperatives performance, the adequacy and context of services rendered by the
cooperatives, and the major services as function of socio-economic and institutional
explanatory variables. The model analysis revealed that, age, family size, terms of payment
for red cherry and dry cherry were found to be statistically significant at significance level of
5%, 5% 1% and 5% respectively to influence negatively except the terms of payment for dry
cherry which was influenced positively, the satisfaction of members’ of the coffee marketing
cooperatives in the study area, with reference to the overall performance of the cooperatives".
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Thesis MSc in Agricultural Marketing, Haramaya University 2007
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Subject Coffee marketing
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Subject Agricultural marketing
Coffee, Ethiopia
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School of Graduate Studies, Haramaya University
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