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Tsedeke Kocho
Production and marketing systems of sheep and goats in Alaba, southern Ethiopia
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"This study has undertaken to describe the sheep and goat production and marketing systems
and identify constraints to and improvement options for smallholder farms of Alaba, southern
Ethiopia. Results are based on survey of 150 sample households and rapid appraisal of major
sheep and goat markets. Flock distribution and holdings in different parts of the woreda vary
and thus the study sites were stratified into mixed sheep-goat flock, goat dominating and sheep
dominating sites.Body conformation, physical characteristics (coat color, horn and tail), known local
ecotypes and age are the major criteria household considers in selecting sheep and goats for
castration and fattening. Smallholder farmers make fattening management targeting the
seasonal holiday markets. Major destination of fattened flocks is the Addis Ababa market
while young flocks to the export abattoirs. Addis Ababa consumers demonstrated high
preferences to animals from study areas and evidently pay higher prices. This is largely
exploitable opportunity for development of smallholder sheep and goat production.

Flock production is constrained by outbreaks of disease and parasite, predators, feed and water
shortage, lack of production technology and seasonality of markets. Interventions covering
flock health, feed production and managements, water development, marketing, credits to
build flock holdings, and extension supports delivering the necessary training and production
technologies/inputs could help farmers to built their flock and improve productivity.

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Thesis M.Sc in Animal Sciences Hawassa Universityl, 2007
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