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Daniel Tewodros
Beef cattle production system and opportunities for market orientation in Borena zone, southern Ethiopia
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"This study attempted to investigate the beef cattle production system and opportunities
for market orientation in southern Ethiopia, Borena Zone. The specific objectives of the
study were to characterize cattle production systems, assessment of marketing systems,
assess seasonality of domestic cattle meat consumption; and assess potentials and
constraints of export abattoirs in Ethiopia.To achieve these objectives, secondary and
primary data were used. Export abattoirs, producers, and butcheries interview were
sources of primary data. Export abattoirs survey was undertaken on ELFORA Agro-
Industries PLC and LUNA export slaughter house PLC.

The overall finding of the study underlined the high importance of institutional support in the areas of market oriented cattle production system, market extension, animal health services and range development in the pastoral area, development of export abattoirs facilities, reducing multiple taxes. Therefore, development interventions should give emphasis to improvement of such institutional
support system between exporters, butchers and producers, so as to achieve income to
these market actors."

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Thesis M.Sc in Agriculture, Haramaya University, 2008
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Subject Livestock markets, Ethiopia
Pastoral production system
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Department of Animal Science, ,Haramaya University
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