Post-Secondary education

KS5: English

LET0001  KS5 English Literature

LET0002  The Structure of English Language

LET0003  Phonology – the study of speech sounds

LET0004  Pragmatics and speech acts

LET0005 Semantics – meanings, etymology and the lexicon

LET0006 Introduction to the Anthology

LET0007 KS5 English

LET0008 English Language KS5

LET0009 KS5 English Literature

LET0010 Key Stage 5 English

LET0011 English KS5

LET0012 English & English Literature

LET0013 English Literature Links

LET0014 English Literature Essays

LET0015 Aristotle’s Poetics Complexity and Pleasure: Aristotle’s ‘Complex Plot’ and the pleasure element in tragedy

LET0016 John Dryden’s translation of Ovid’s Metamorphoses

ALE0017 English Grammar > AS-A2 KS5

LET0018 English Language at Key Stage 5

LET0019 English > KS5 Literature

LET0020 Geoffrey Chaucer The Canterbury Tales The Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale

 LET0021English Literature Revision Notes


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