Secondary education

Mathematics KS3

Algebra Geometry
Expressions and formulae Transformations
Equation of straight line &Graphs Symmetry
Patterns and sequences Pythagoras
Solving systems of linear inequalities. Angles and triangles
Equations [solving linear equation] Congruence, similarity, coordinate proofs (SSS, SAS, ASA)
Straight line graph[youtube] Loci and bearing
Simultaneous equations
Statistics and probability

Coordinate geometry

Powers and roots[square roots, cube roots] Introduction to Euclid's geometry
Irrational and real numbers. Area of 2D and 3D Shape
Exponential Functions ;rules for exponents, Properties of Angles and 2D shape
Solving quadratic equations Trigonometry
Exponential and quadratic functions. Constructing traiangles and bisectors
Solving linear systems graphically and algebraically, Circle Theorems
Exercises in KS3 Mathematics

Glossary and Terms: Figures and Shapes

KS 3-4 Worksheets for All Topics

[Vidoes [Algebra]/ [Vidoes [Geometry]]
Year 9 maths  
Converting recurring decimals to fraction Year 7 and 8 Maths for ks3 i



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