Secondary education

English Poetry : FOR KS 4


ks4p0001   GCSE English: Analysing an Unseen Poem
ks4p0002   Best Tip for A* Poetry Analysis
ks4p0003   Analysing Poetry Tutorial
ks40004     How to Analyze a Poem in Seven Easy Steps
k4p0005     Periodic Table of Elements
ks4p0006   How to Read Poetry
ks4p0007   Structure of Poems
ks4p0008   Types of Poems
ks4p0009   Subject, tone and intention
ks4p0010   Introduction to Poetry Part 1
ks4p0011    Introduction to Poetry, Part 2
ks4p0012   Introduction to Poetry: The 3 R’s
ks4p0013   Four types of poetry
ks4p0014   Different Types of Poetry
ks4p0015    Elizabeth Alexander on Teaching and Learning Poetry
ks4p0016    English – Studying Poems: Style, Tone and Atmosphere
ks4p0017    Poetry Mini-Lesson 2 Meter
ks4p0019   Identifying meter in poems
ks4p0020   How to Scan a Poem
ks4p0021    Poetry Scansion 2016
ks4p0022    How to Read a Poem 1: Scansion and form
ks4p0023    How to Read a Poem 2: Diction and Tone.avi
ks4p0024    Diction and Tone in Poetry
ks4p0025     What is Diction?
ks4p0026    Analysis of Speaker and Diction in Poetry
ks4p0027     How to Read Poetry
ks4p0028     7 Easy Steps to Analyze a Poem!
ks4P0029     Poetic techniques
ks4p0030     Analysing unseen poetry



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