Secondary education

Reading : For KS 4


ks40001 Reading > Overview

ks40002 Reading > What are non-fiction texts?

ks40003 Reading > Reading non-fiction texts: questions

ks40004 Extended reading > Overview

ks40005 Extended reading > Writing a controlled assessment

ks40006 Extended reading > Themes and ideas

ks40007 Extended reading > Characterisation and voice

ks40008 Nonfiction Passages and Functional Texts

ks40009 Read the text on the left and answer the questions.

ks40010 GCSE English

ks40011 Reading Comprehension

ks40012  English at KS3 & KS4

ks40013 Edexcel’s GCSE in English Language

ks40014 The 8 Methods Of Characterization

ks40015 GCSE   English Language

ks40016 English  Key Stage 4 Resources

ks40017 GCSEs  English Language

ks40018 Teaching English Grammar in Schools

ks40019 GCSE English > English Language Terminology

ks40020 Reading Skills

ks40021 Functional skills in English

ks40022 Online Resources for GCSE English

ks40023 Reading skills


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