Secondary education

English writing : FOR KS 4


40001 Writing > Overview: non-fiction texts

ks40002 Writing > Genre, audience, purpose and style

ks40003 Writing > Writing to advise

ks40004 Writing > Writing to inform, explain and describe

ks40005 Writing > Writing to argue

ks40006 How to write your best essay ever!

ks40007 Argument & Persuasive Writing Lesson plans and teaching resources

ks40008 Essay Writing: Personal Recount / Reflective

ks40009 English Key Stage 4 Student & Parent Guide

ks40010 Persuasive writing

ks40011 Genre, audience, purpose and style

ks40012 How to Write an Argument Essay

ks40013 Parts of an Essay

ks40014 Argument Essay Topics

ks40015 Argument essays

ks40016 Writing Argumentative Essays

ks40017 Sample essay in Flash

ks40018 Some extra essays from

ks40019How to Write Essays

ks40020 Writing to Argue and Persuade

ks40021 How do I write an Essay?

ks40022 Creative Writing 101

ks40023 11-rules-of-writing

ks40024 Definitions

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