Secondary education


Electricity and Magnetism

ks40001 Electric energy and methods of energy saving

 ks40002  Electricity

ks40003 Electricity and Magnetism

ks40004  The electromagnetic spectrum

ks40005  Generation and transmission of electricity

ks40006  Current and Voltage

ks40007 Series and Parallel Circuits

ks40008  Electric Circuits

ks40009  Parallel and Series Resistor Circuit Analysis Worked Example using Ohm’s Law Reduction

ks400010  Electricity Bill: Exercise 1

ks400011  Physics Quiz[Basic electricity ]

k400012 Electric Current

ks40013Charge and current

ks40014 Electrical symbols

ks40015 Electromagnetism

ks40016 The U shaped electromagne [Polarity of an electromagnet]

ks400017 The magnetic field of the Earth


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