Secondary education

Chemistry : For KS 4


ks40001Chemical Formulae & Valency

ks40002  Elements & radicals with negative valencies

ks40003 Atoms, Molecules, Valency and Radicals

ks40004  Valences of elements & radicals

ks40005 Valency of ion and radical

ks40006 Valences of Common Monatomic and Polyatomic Ions

ks40007 Valence Electrons and Bonding

ks40008 Valence electron,

ks40009 Formulae and Equations

ks40010 Chemical Formulae

ks40011 Valency of an element, structure of the atom

ks40012 Ables Chemistry(Valency)

ks40013 Valency easy way

ks40014 Valence Electrons and the Periodic Table

ks40015 How to determine valency of any atom



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