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Finding useful reference information for research from the internet is easy but there is high probability of getting large amounts of irrelevant information from the search results.
There are of millions of resources available on the Internet. The haerel website provides easy access to these resources by organizing them into eight main disciplines. Agriculture section is one of these disciplines.   This section provides access to wide range of inter disciplinary abstracts, full text articles, reports, surveys.
As can be seen below the resources of the Agriculture   have broad subject coverage from electronic journals, ebooks, websites and videos [You tube].


Agriculture : Subject coverage

Plant Science

Plant biology/Botanic science

Botanical Chemistry

Plant Breeding

Plant Genetics

Botanical Pesticides

Plant Diseases

Botanical Names

Botanical Taxonomy

Animal Science

Animal Physiology

Animal Nutrition

Animal Breeding/Reproduction

Animal Health

Dairy Animal science

Animal Poultry science


Range Management

Soil Science

Soil Types

Soil Science (General)

Soil Chemistry

Soil microbiology

Crops and soils

Soil fertility

Soil ecology

Crop Science

Grain cereals

Maize Corn

Teff (Eragrostis abyssinica)

Crop Wheats



Seed crops



Oilseed plants

Seeds Pathology

Seedlings Diseases and Pests

Seed-borne phytopathogens

Seed-borne plant diseases

Crop protection

Insect pests


Integrated pest management

Crop diseases

Crop production

Genetic Modification (Advantage)

Genetic Modification




Forest Managment

Forest ecology

Forest flora

Wetland forestry

Forest tree genetics


Forest farming/Tree crops

Forest fertilization


Water and Management Conservation

Soil Conservation


Wild Life conservation

Agrobiodiversity conservation

Aquatic biodiversity conservation

Agricultural Technology

Technological innovations (Animals)

Agricultural machinery

Agriculture and energy

Agriculture Meteorology

Climatology/Climate Science


Forest microclimatology

Soils, vegetation and climate

Drought:Horn of Africa

Pastoralists/Arid regions climate


Agricultural Economics              

Agricultural farming & Biotechnology

Agribusiness & Rural Economics/Land use

Agronomics/Macroeconomic policy

Agricultural Industry

Botanical drug industry

Food Supply


Famine/Drought and food insecurity

Access to food/food supply

Agri-food System/Farming

Food storage and security

Food Security/production

Food insecurity and poverty

Food in/security and Health

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