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Soil Science
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The Soil Science Society of America Journal (SSSA Journal)
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Soil Taxonomy
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Specialisation Soil Science
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Soil chemistry
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European Journal of Soil Biology
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The Journal of Soil and Water Conservation
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Applied Soil Ecology
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Soil ecology
Soil ecology is the study of the interactions among soil organisms, and between biotic and abiotic aspects of the soil environment. [1] It is particularly concerned with the cycling of nutrients, formation and stabilization of the pore structure, the spread and vitality of pathogens, and the biodiversity of this rich biological community. From Wikipedia. Category Educational Website


Soil Biology & Biochemistry
AIMS Soil Biology & Biochemistry publishes original and scientifically challenging research articles and short communications that present new findings and their possible applications. The ecology and biochemical activities of soil organisms and their effects on the environment and plant growth are major topics..Category Journal


Soil Chemistry
Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials is an Open Access, peer-reviewed, online journal focusing on information concerning clinical microbiology, infectious diseases and antimicrobials. The management of infectious disease is dependent on correct diagnosis and appropriate antimicrobial treatment, and with this in mind, the journal aims to improve the communication between basic and clinical science in the field of clinical microbiology and antimicrobial treatment. Category Journal


A brief history of soil chemistry
The emergence of the discipline we call "Soil Chemistry" began with the early observations by experimenters concerning the ability of soils to modify solutions. In 1819, the Italian chemist, Gazzeri, observed that liquid manure, once passed over clay particles became discolored without losing its soluble substances. In similar work, Huxtable noticed in 1848 that soils alsoserved to deodorize liquid manure. Category Research website


Environmental soil chemistry
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Soil Chemistry Resources
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Soil chemistry and chemical soil quality 
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Soil fertility research on some Ethiopian Vertisols
Vertisols are important agricultural soils in Ethiopia. These soils generally have high clay content and consequently a high moisture storage capacity. The pH is slightly acidic to neutral. These soils have high yield potential, but require proper fertility management. Experimental results from NP fertilizer trials on various field crops showed that grain yields could be substantially improved with the application of N and P fertilizers. A similar response was also observed on forage crops.Category Research website


The European Soil Portal
This Soil Portal contributes to a thematic data infrastructure for soils in Europe. It presents data and information regarding soils at European level. It connects to activities within JRC concerning soil (JRC SOIL Action). It serves also as a vehicle to promote the activities of the European Soil Bureau Network. Spatial data collection and processing within this infrastructure is performed according to emerging ideas behind the INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe) initiative. Category Portal website


The role of soil chemistry in wine grape quality and sustainable soil management in vineyards
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Soil conservation in Tigray Category Article


Soil erosion
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Functions of Soil Organisms
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Soil organisms, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes and rotifers
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How to encourage soil organisms.
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Soil Science Database.
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Principles of Scientific Soil Classification
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