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Preclinical and Clinical Medical Science:Evidence Based Medicine
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Evidence-Based Medicine
Published bi-monthly, Evidence-Based Medicine offers comprehensive coverage of primary care medicine. It includes a wide array of clinical disciplines, including family practice, internal medicine, paediatrics, obstetrics, gynaecology, psychiatry, and surgery.
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Evidence-based medicine
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Evidence-based medicine (EBM)
Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is a clinical discipline that emerged in the 1990's. It is a discipline that formalises the long-practised principle of basing clinical practice on scientific evidence. "The practice of EBM is a process of life-long, problem-based learning in which caring for our own patients creates the need for evidence about diagnosis, prognosis, therapy, and other clinical and health issues."
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Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine
The CEBM provides free support and resources to doctors, clinicians, teachers and others interested in learning more about EBM
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The EBM Toolbox
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Understanding Medical Information (Evidence-based Medicine) Researched by NOAH Contributing Editor: NOAH Team
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Medical Information Resources
It is a portal to Medical Information Resources
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Evidence based medicine and Practice Guidelines Website of Cambridge University Library Medical Library
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Best Evidence Medical Education
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Evidence-based Medicine Resource Center
The Web Page contains references, bibliographies, tutorials, glossaries, and on-line databases to guide those embarking on teaching and practicing evidence-based medicine. It offers practice tools to support critical analysis of the literature and MEDLINE searching, as well as links to other sites that help enable evidence-based medical care.
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The Impact of an Evidence-Based Medicine Workshop on Residents’ Attitudes towards and Self-Reported Ability in Evidence-Based Practice
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Evidence based medicine for new medical procedures
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Evidence-based medicine, clinical guidelines
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EBM Resource Tools
This page with its set of links is designed for clinicians who want to incorporate the best available evidence-based resources with their own personal skills and expertise. The ultimate result hoped for is in the improvement for the care of their patient.
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Evidence Based Anaesthesia
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Evidence-based medicine practice in Africa: is it feasible?
Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is slowly transforming medical practice in the developed world by allowing physicians to use valid, systematically reviewed medical evidence in their daily routine. This letter explores the applicability of EBM and its potential to improve medical practice in developing countries
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Evidence-based obstetric care in South Africa--influencing practice through the 'Better Births Initiative'
Ensuring that health professionals practise according to evidence-based standards is important since it affects the quality and cost of care patients receive. The purpose of this research was to use a focused change programme (the Better Births Initiative) to influence obstetric practice of 10 hospitals in Gauteng, South Africa. The findings show some important improvements in practice following the implementation of the BBI; providers at some sites reduced the use of enemas, shaving and episiotomy, and increased use of oral fluids and companionship during labour. Qualitative data suggest that an interactive approach to implementing evidence-based practice can influence
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The role of evidence based medicine and public health in confronting the HIV/AIDS pandemic
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Evidence-Based Medicine Current Use and Future Impact on Global Clinical and Reimbursement Practices
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Time for evidence based medical education BMJ 1999;318:1223-1224 ( 8 May )
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Evidence-based Medical Education (EBMedEd)
Evidence-based Medical Education (EBMedEd) is the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about individual educational programs. The practice of EBMedEd means integrating individual educational expertise with the best available external (i.e., literature) and/or internal (i.e., program evaluation) medical education evidence from systematic research.*
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Clinical Education Evidence-Based Teaching
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Towards evidence-based medical education in Saudi medical schools
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Free Free evidence-based tutorials
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Evidence-based Decision Making
The purpose of this page is to provide access to a series of Evidence-based Recommendations. Each EBR is developed from a systematic review of the literature, graded to reflect the Level of Evidence it contains and posted to this site in a format that allows you to critically appraise its content. Like a systematic review, an EBR deals with a focussed clinical question, not an entire topic. Using the methdololgy of the Practice Guideline Development Cycle, a series of EBRs can be chained together to form a complete evidence-based guideline. Section Administrators : Dr. Gordon S. Doig and Dr. Brent Richards.
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Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Education in Cerebrovascular Disease Stroke.2004;35:392.)© 2004 American Heart Association, Inc.
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More Internet resources for learning about evidence-based practice
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Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) project
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